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The World Sufi Assembly is a global Sufi forum held in Indonesia and attended by Sufi scholars from around the world. The event aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, understanding, and spiritual practices among Sufi scholars and Sufi enthusiasts from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

At the World Sufi Assembly, participants have the opportunity to listen to lectures, panel discussions, and engage in various spiritual activities led by prominent Sufi scholars. The forum also serves as a platform for Sufi scholars to share their experiences and understanding of the Sufi path, self-development, and spiritual seeking.

Additionally, the World Sufi Assembly fosters brotherhood among Sufi scholars. They can share insights, support each other, and collaborate in spreading the Sufi message of love, tolerance, and wisdom worldwide.

With the presence of Sufi scholars from different parts of the world, the World Sufi Assembly becomes a significant moment to enrich the understanding of Sufism and strengthen the relationships among Sufi practitioners. The forum also serves as an inspiration and encouragement for those who seek to develop their spiritual journey on the foundation of Sufism.

The World Sufi Assembly is an inclusive space that welcomes the presence of individuals interested in Sufism, regardless of their religion, culture, or background. It is an opportunity to explore the wisdom of Sufism that transcends conventional boundaries and celebrates the unity underlying all spiritual quests.