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World Sufi Forum Recommends Establishment of International Sufi University

Pekalongan, NU Online. In order to increase knowledge and understanding of Sufism and Sufism, the World Sufi Forum recommends building a university that specifically discusses Sufism in order to ensure the steps of Sufi work.

"The establishment of an international Sufi university," said Syekh Adnan Al-Afyouni, Mufti of Damascus, Syria, while reading out the recommendation points at the closing of the World Sufi Forum in Kajen, Pekalongan, Central Java, Wednesday (10/4).

Hearing this, the audience who filled the meeting hall at the Kajen Hall, Pekalongan, clapped their hands.

To make this happen, Habib Muhammad Luthfi bin Ali bin Yahya immediately donated his land as the place for the campus to be built.

"Habib Luthfi advised not to forget because earlier it was mentioned in the recommendation that an International Sufi University would be built, Habib Lutfi already has 22 hectares of land and is ready to build an International Sufi University," said Habib Ali bin Hasan al-Bahr continuing Habib Luthfi's message.

Apart from building a campus, other recommendations are the establishment of an international TV channel with Sufi manhaj, world-wide international Sufi gatherings, and documentation of tarekat and tasawuf data, as well as explanations of their sanads.

The activities of the World Sufi Forum were officially closed by the Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, after two days, Monday-Tuesday (8-9/4) holding various agendas at the Kajen Hall, Hotel Horison and Hotel Santika Pekalongan. (Shakir NF/Muiz)

Source: NU Online

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