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Management of the World Sufi Council Holds a Meeting to Prepare the International Sufi Multaqo

Pekalongan, JATMAN Online – The World Sufi Council led by Maulana Habib Luthfi bin Yahya held a two-day Sufi multaqa preparation meeting on Wednesday-Thursday, 1-2 February 2023 at Hotel Santika Pekalongan.

Apart from being attended by national scholars such as KH. Ali Mas'adi Mojokerto and the habaibs, the meeting also invited a number of Sufi scholars from various countries who play roles in their respective areas, such as Sheikh Muhammad Shahumi al-Idrisi Mursyid Thariqah Sadziliyah and Idrisiyah from Libya, Sheikh Riyadh Bazo Deputy Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Muhammad Maghrobi Mufti of Brazil and Sheikh Aun al-Quddumi Mufti of Jordan.

Rais 'Aam Jam'iyyah Expert Thoriqoh al Mu'tabaroh (JATMAN) Habib Luthfi as the host at the event also introduced the presence of the Regional Military Commander and the Pekalongan Police who were on standby to secure all processes of activities involving foreign scholars.

"So for security, especially the ulemas who come from abroad, don't worry about entering Indonesia. That we are prepared for extraordinary security," said Habib Luthfi.

"I thank you, I hope that from start to finish there will be a discussion that is of sufficient weight so that many people who did not understand Sufism before will open their eyes wide, especially for participants to be able to convey it to people in their respective countries," he added.

In addition, Sheikh Muhammad Shahumi al-Idrisi, who is one of the administrators of the World Sufi Council, expressed his happiness in Arabic, which was later translated by a translator, because he could gather with people who dedicate themselves to Sufism.

"And after all this time we have set Indonesia as the starting point for our organization and hopefully our choice of Indonesia is the right choice, not in vain, because Indonesia is the largest Muslim country and it is fitting that the big one protects the others," said the Mursyid Tariqah Sadziliyah.

It should be noted that the purpose of holding the meeting is to discuss the association's statutes/arts, implementing the World Sufi Multaqo, strengthening the Sufi clergy union and issues that will be discussed in the forum.

Source: Jatman Online

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