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This is the Vision and Mission of the International Sufi Forum

The International Sufi Ulama Conference which was held in Pekalongan, Central Java, April 8-10 resulted in several recommendations and agreements. One of the areas of concern is the formation of the International Sufi Forum chaired by Habib Muhammad Luthfi bin Ali bin Yahya.
All agreements resulting from the conference were read out by a Syrian scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Adnan Al Afyouni. He is chairman of the Syrian National Reconciliation Council and grand mufti in Damascus.
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"This is the result of two consecutive days of conducting in-depth discussions and studies from the scholars who were present to give birth to the International Sufi Forum," said Al Afyouni.

The International Sufi Forum has guidelines in the form of vision, mission and goals. The vision of the forum is to lead a life that is connected to Allah SWT through the way of Rasulullah SAW. Meanwhile, its mission is the essence of faith within the limits of sharia and upholding morals for the happiness of mankind.

As for the objective, it consists of eight points. First, activating the role of Sufism in the formation of pious individuals and superior society as well as upholding national and human insights. Second, cooperation in realizing unity among tasawuf experts, gnostic experts, and all preachers.

Third, taking advantage of the advantages of the tarekat and its characteristics in re-establishing the Sufi house which is perfected with wisdom. Fourth, cooperation in producing effective and influential moderate discourse according to the needs of the times.

Fifth, the spread of Islam, peace, harmony and security that touches all levels of society. Sixth, documentation of data related to mu'tabaroh Sufi orders and explanations of their sanad.

Seventh, discussion of the limitations of Sufi work in the modern era and solutions to security, social and economic conflicts. Including the realization of an economic system, namely self-sufficiency to provide economic strength to the people and sustainable development.

Eighth, namely rectifying erroneous ideas about Islam and giving the beautiful and essential face of Islam.

Source: Khazanah Republika

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